Here Is Footage Of New Mexico Football Player DeShon Marman Being Arrested On A U.S. Airways Flight (Video)

Last Wednesday, University of New Mexico football player DeShon Marman was arrested for trespassing at the request of a U.S. Airlines pilot after he refused to pull up his saggy pants.  Marman was aboard U.S. Airlines Flight 488 headed from Phoenix to San Francisco when he was asked by a flight attendant to pull up his pants because, according to San Mateo County Chief Deputy District attorney Karen Guidotti, they “were so low that his genitals were almost showing.”  Marman refused to pull his pants up, telling the flight attendant that they would no longer be an issue once he was seated.

That solution didn’t seem to satisfy the pilot, who confronted Marman while he was peacefully sitting in his assigned seat and requested that he be arrested.  The other 150 passengers aboard the plane were asked to leave while officers arrested the 20-year-old safety.  He was also charged for resisting arrest, and caused the flight to be delayed one hour.  Marman was released from jail on Thursday after posting $10,000 bail and his arraignment has been set for July 18.

I don’t want to tell an airline company how to run their business, or a pilot how to do his job, but this all seemed rather unnecessary, forcing me to chalk this one up as a clear case of racism.  How many white women do you think walk into that plane with very low cut tee-shirts, or skimpy little shorts?  Or how many white men do you think have worn a pair of skinny jeans that were so tight their bulge could easily be seen while boarding a flight?  Have any of them ever been kicked off a plane?  By no means am I a fan of those who wear their pants around their knees.  I think its ridiculous, but I am sure Marman was wearing boxers and his junk was safely hidden from plain sight.  Would the same thing have happened to a white man or woman wearing inappropriate attire?  I can’t say for sure that it wouldn’t have, but I highly doubt it.

Here is footage of Marman being confronted at his seat by an officer and the pilot.

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