Are Brad Marchand And Tyler Seguin This Year’s Patrick Kane? (Pics)

No one seems to enjoy the Stanley Cup victory celebrations more than the young players on these championship teams.  Who could forget Patrick Kane’s wild summer of 2010 after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup?  When he wasn’t busy getting liquored up with the Cup at the Chicago clubs, Kane occupied himself by looking for the next woman he was going to take home to bed.

Now it appears as though Brad Marchand, 23, and Tyler Seguin, 19, of the Boston Bruins have taken over those duties.  We have the photos to prove their non-stop partying, booze-drinking, chick-macking exploits ( see above and below).  As for the part about taking women home to their beds, we have yet to find any images that can prove that, but we are almost certain they will come soon.

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