Brawl Ensues Following Copa Libertadores Final (Video)

The 2011 Copa Libertadores final ended just like you would expect any South American soccer match to end.  With fans invading the pitch and an all-out brawl ensuing.

Following the final whistle, the Santos players began to celebrate, while a few fans decided to storm the pitch and taunt the distraught Penarol players.  That didn’t sit too well with the losing side, who chased around the Santos fans before turning their attention towards the club’s players.  Plenty of pointing and yelling ensued, but there were a couple of  rather exciting moments (try the 0:15 and 1:52 marks).

Cooler heads would eventually prevail (probably had something to do with the sight of the police batons) and both teams received their championship and runner-up trophies and medals.

Hat Tip reader Ron Canada.  Video via Dirty Tackle.

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