Canada U-17 Soccer Goalie Scores From Center Against England (Video)

England’s international soccer (football) team had a glaring issues with their goalkeeping during the 2010 World Cup last summer in South Africa.  It appears as though there isn’t any help on the way in the near future.

That is what we are led to believe after watching England’s U-17 goalkeeper Jordan Pickford allow a shot from center by Canadian keeper Quillan Roberts to bounce over his head and into the net during a group stage match at the U-17 World Cup in Mexico.  The goal by Roberts came in the 87th minute and helped Canada earn their first point of the tournament, via their improbable 2-2 draw against England.

England can still qualify for the next round with a win or a draw, while Canada stays alive with the tie.  However, the Canadians will need to beat Rwanda by a convincing margin in their final game and hope that Uruguay helps them out by defeating England in the other final Group C match.

It certainly wont be easy for Canada, but I guess if your goalie can score from beyond midfield in the final minutes to tie a game, then just about anything is possible.

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