The Strangest Motorcycle Crash You Will Ever See (Video)

First off, I should probably warn you that watching the following footage of two motorcycles getting tangled up and spiraling in circles over and over again may get you extremely dizzy.  Now with that being said, what are the chances of something like this happening?  I’d say they are slim, but I guess in this case slim was good enough.

I can’t help but feel bad for the rider in the green.  He was just riding along, minding his own business when suddenly he gets knocked off his bike by another abandoned bike.  And to make matters worse, he was forced to stand by and watch helplessly as the two twirling bikes twirled repeatedly in front of him.

As you would expect, he appeared awfully frustrated following the incident, but I’m sure he’ll have a laugh over it after he cools down and checks out the replay.  After all, how could anyone not laugh after watching this?

Hat Tip – [Motors TV]

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