Female Uses Men’s Washroom To Urinate At Dodger Stadium (Video)

Sometimes when you gotta go, you gotta go.

This woman clearly had to go in a bad way during a recent baseball game at Dodger Stadium, so she did what any grungy, classless female would do in such a situation, as she made her way to the men’s washroom, squatted over the urinal trough and peed away while several men looked on.

However, the men weren’t the only ones with curious eyes, as the female decided to sneak a peak at the junk of the man next to her, before complimenting his package and asking him to hold her beer while she zips up.

Unfortunately for him and every other male in the washroom at that moment, there isn’t enough beer in that entire stadium to make this female look even remotely hot.

Hat tip – [LA Weekly]

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