The Riot Kissing Couple Were Caught On Tape! (Video)

After the image of a couple embracing one another on the ground and sharing a kiss during the Vancouver riots last week went viral, many believed it was photoshopped.  We quickly disproved those beliefs.

Then people began to come out and say that the image was set up and the entire incident was staged.  We now have video evidence to disprove that theory as well.

The video below shows Scott Jones and Alex Thomas being trampled on by riot police in the downtown streets of Vancouver.  Alex was shoved to the ground, where she lay in pain, while Scott can be seen shielding his girlfriend from the police and comforting her as she weeps (or laughs?).

This should be enough to silence all the naysayers who believe the image was fixed.  I can’t wait to hear what all the non-believers will come up with next.

Hat Tip – [The Daily What]

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