Cheick Kongo’s KO Against Pat Barry Resulted In The Best UFC Fight Ever! (Video)

Last night the UFC provided its fans with a free televised event, and while the card may not have been all that intriguing, the fight’s certainly left every fan watching in awe.

With Nate Marquardt failing his physical and subsequently being fired by the UFC, the match between Cheick Kongo and Pat Barry was bumped up into the main event slot for UFC Live 4.  For those who thought Marquardt’s absence would have a damaging affect on the entertainment value of this card, think again.

Not only did Marquardt’s replacement, Charlie Brenneman, come away with a surprise victory over Rick Story, but the bout between Kongo and Barry would go on to provide MMA fans with one of the greatest finishes in the history of the sport.

Many expected both heavyweight fighters to come out punching, and they did just that.  However, it was Barry that was getting the best of his opponent, as he dropped Kongo with an overhead right midway through the first round.  Kongo has visibly shaken but somehow managed to withstand Barry’s flurry of punches over the course of the next 20 seconds.  There were several moments when it seemed as though referee Dan Miragliotta would, and should, stop the fight, but he allowed Kongo the opportunity to battle through it, and it paid off, as a desperate right hand from the French fighter landed square on Barry’s jaw, knocking him out cold and giving Kongo one of the most improbable victories in UFC history.

Watching this fight live, I couldn’t believe Dan Miragliotta was allowing Kongo to continue to endue such a beating, but I guess that is why he is the one in the octagon officiating the bout and I am the one at home on the couch watching it.

Here is a look at how it all unfolded during last night’s main event.

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