Here Is 4 Minutes Of Jose Canseco Snapping On An Umpire (Video)

It may have been about ten years since Jose Canseco last swung a bat in the Majors, but that clearly hasn’t stopped him from making headlines in the world of sports.  In fact, some might even argue that Canseco has made more headlines away from the game than he did during his 16 year MLB career.

Take the following clip from a couple of days ago, for example, which shows Canseco getting awfully animated with an umpire during a game between his Yuma Scorpions and the Edmonton Capitals of the North American Baseball League.  Only Canseco and Wally Backman are capable of making a Minor League ejection newsworthy.

And for those of you who thought Ozzie Canseco was just going to stand by and watch his brother get the heave-ho without getting in on the action as well, think again.

Hat Tip – [WeTheWest]

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