Fan Brawl Erupts During Gold Cup Match Between Honduras And Costa Rica (Video)

Late last night it dawned on me that we had somehow failed to provide our visitors with any fan fight videos from the Gold Cup.  That was when I began my search through YouTube and found this gem from a game between Honduras and Costa Rica.

After watching the following clip, another thing dawned on me: How do fights in the stands at sporting events not result in more fans tumbling down several rows of seats?  We have seen this tactic used before during a stadium brawl, and coincidentally(?) it also came during a soccer match between two Central/South American teams playing on U.S. soil.

So does this mean that our neighbors to the South are the only ones aware of the fact that throwing a man down several rows of seats is an effective way to win a stadium fight?  Or are they the only ones ruthless enough to use such a maneuver?

(P.S. It is hard to see the men tumbling down several rows of seats, but how else would you explain the fight ending up where it did?)

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