Weekly Fantasy Baseball Update: June 24th — July 1st

With the 2011 MLB Season already at the halfway mark, fantasy baseball owners may be looking for that extra edge that will bring them a league championship come September.  We here at TotalProSports want to give you owners that edge, and we believe we have hired the right man to do just that.  His name is Matt and he will be providing you all with his weekly fantasy baseball round-up each weekend for the remainder of the season.  The following is Matt’s inaugural post with TPS, so please join us in giving him a warm welcome and continue checking out his work if you want to take your fantasy team to the top of your league.

Fantasy Stud of the Week – Aramis Ramirez, 3B, Cubs

Aramis Ramirez earned the title of being the Stud of the Week by going 12-29 (.414 AVG), with a league leading 6 home runs. Those home runs also brought in a lot of runners, as he recorded 9 RBIs and 9 runs scored. Power numbers like these are a fantastic addition to any team, as Aramis Ramirez may have been the player to turn the tables in one of the games in your league this week. Make sure to keep an eye on the Cubs if you have Ramirez on your team because they could become either buyers or sellers at the trade deadline. However, the Cubs’ third baseman might get left behind while other offensive players are traded away – making it harder for him to drive in and score runs – because he recently said he will veto any trade.

Fantasy Dud of the Week – DeWayne Wise, CF, Marlins

DeWayne Wise continued to perform his role as a backup CF. He did this, however, receiving almost an everyday starter’s playing time, which allowed him to post a brutal line of 2-23 (.094 AVG), with no walks, RBIs, runs, or stolen bases. DeWayne Wise normally provides his value defensively, not offensively, which is exactly the type of player that you want to avoid having on your fantasy baseball team.

Rookie to watch – Dustin Ackley, 2B, Mariners

There are few players that can spend less than two years in professional baseball and be ready for the major leagues, but Ackley proved that he is one of those special talents last week, posting a line of 7-19 (.368 AVG) with 2 walks, 3 RBIs, and 3 runs scored. Ackley certainly looks like he is going to prove himself at the major league level. Make sure to pick him up fast if you’re in the market for him.  He’s only 55.7% owned in ESPN leagues but that increased a whopping 8.1% over the last week alone.

Waiver Wire Player of the Week – Clint Barmes, SS, Astros

Barmes may be a soft hitting middle-infielder, but last week he showed that he could be a valuable player on many teams in deep fantasy leagues. Going 10-19 (.526 AVG) is a great contribution from someone who is only 0.4% owned in ESPN leagues, and therefore easy to acquire. While he only posted 3 runs scored and 2 RBIs, he hit 6 doubles, the most in the majors, which makes him a solid pickup for a team with extra base hits being used in the scoring. He could also be especially useful if you have an injured middle-infielder like Martin Prado or Jed Lowrie on the DL, allowing him to fill in until they return.

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