9 Sexiest Sports-Themed Commercials

In today’s piece, we’re going to show you a ton of commercials, and we’re not getting a dime. Why? On account of their sexiness. Sports commercials have long dabbled in the flash trade, which makes total sense, considering guys like sports and guys like pictures of naked girls. Well, most guys do. So we’ve assembled a little rundown of some of the sexiest sports-themed commercials kicking around. Enjoy.

9. 2K Sports Serena Williams Ad

Nothing sells a nice tennis video game like Serena Williams in several different bondage outfits. Apparently, this video was deemed too risqué, and 2K Sports disavowed any knowledge of it, saying that it was completely unauthorized. Oh well, they could at least embrace the sexiness. Further, the commercial calls Williams “the sexiest tennis player.” Discuss.

8. Nike Kevin Garnett/Brandi Chastain Foosball

While the sexiness here is implied, this commercial is a reference to the Women’s World Cup in which Brandi Chastain celebrated her penalty kick victory by taking off her shirt. I sincerely wish that more women would celebrate things this way. Like if they are able to make a yellow light in traffic or finish a crossword puzzle. BOOM! Shirt comes off.

7. Jillian Michaels Go Daddy

It’s still not at all clear to me what naked, sweaty women have to do with registering a domain. That said, I’m not complaining. They seem to have a good thing going, and I’d much rather see these girls strip and box than see some 55 year-old guy tell me why I can achieve higher revenues through synergies or something. Go daddy, indeed.

6. Fox Sports Commercial

It’s pretty clear that this ad was never intended for US audiences. Lagging behind Europe in terms of sexual enlightenment, it’s doubtful that good ole’ ‘merican Fox would show us a (painfully) long video of a man seemingly begging to pay for a handjob. Come to think of it, it’s pretty funny. I’m going to watch it again.

5. Vancouver Whitecaps Commercial

If this doesn’t get you fired up for pro soccer, I don’t know what will. The only thing that’s more exhilarating than watching an athlete prepare for battle is watching a hot chick wear clothes that are only painted on her.

4. Arianny Celeste Bud Light Lime

This is certainly one of the more risque entries on this list. It’s no surprise, given that perennial pinup Arianny Celeste is the star. This ad has her doing a bunch of stuff with limes (not that, pervert) while topless. It makes me want a beer, but probably not a Bud Light Lime. Probably a Pacifico or something.

3. Coors Light Twins

Uhh, this is a commercial aimed at men. You can tell because of the cheerleaders, grilling, football, and beer. This classic seems as though it should have Kid Rock singing, but it’s some other dude with whom I’m not familiar. I wonder where the twins are now. They’re probably Senators or U.N. reps or something.

2. Poker T.V

This commercial is reportedly banned, not for its sexiness, but for the disturbing nature of the video. It’s basically a guy playing Russian roulette while some chick takes her clothes off. Then he loads the gun with bullets and…fade to black. Delightful, no? I don’t know what sells with the connotation of suicide, but this ad is weird enough that it’s definitely worth a watch.

1. Centrum Silver

Watch this commercial go from good to bad as you realize that the people stripping are in some sort of hospital or old folks’ home. Whoops. I ruined it for you. Oh well. It’s a commercial, not Citizen Kane. You can still get the idea and admire the cleavage. And don’t forget to take your vitamins.

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