Alizé Cornet’s Phone Rang During Match Point Against Caroline Wozniacki (Video)

Tennis players often demand silence during their matches, as even the slightest bit of noise can prove to be quite the distraction in the midst of a point.  Most of the time those distracting noises come from the fans in the stands, but every once in a while it is a player on the court providing the noisy ruckus.

That was the case at the Collector Swedish Open in Bastad, during a first round match between Alize Cornet and Caroline Wozniacki.  However, this time around it wasn’t the loud grunts, which have become a controversial part of the women’s game, causing the distraction.  Instead, it was Cornet’s phone, which went off in her bag as Wozniacki prepared to serve on match point.

If this was all part of Cornet’s plan to distract Wozniacki and throw her off her game, it worked…for about five minutes.  She would go on to win the point and the game, but it only delayed the inevitable as Wozniacki won the following game and the match, 6-4, 6-4.

Hopefully the call wasn’t an important one.

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