Swedish Soccer Star Josefine Oqvist Swaps Jerseys With A Fan (Video)

While swapping jerseys at the end of a match may be somewhat of a tradition in the men’s game, most females are a little more reluctant to strip off their shirts while on the soccer pitch.  Sweden’s sexy star, Josefine Oqvist, may be looking to change that trend as she did a little shirt-swapping of her own with a fan following her team’s 1-0 victory over Korea DPR on Saturday.  And her jersey wasn’t the only thing Oqvist was dishing out following the game, as she also sent the fan away with a kiss on the cheek.

Here is a look at Josefine Oqvist shedding her shirt for a fan.  If you want to see more of Oqvist, as well as some of the other lovely ladies taking part in the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup, check out our gallery of the tournament’s 15 sexiest players.