Lionel Messi Misses By A Mile (Video)

During my lifetime I feel as though I have watched thousands of soccer players send attempts on goal at least 3o feet wide of the target, but never have I seen the world’s greatest player, Lionel Messi, suffer from the same lack of accuracy as the rest of his less-talented counterparts.  Last night he stooped to that level.

The daemons that have haunted Messi during his international career with Argentina remain, as he and his Argentine teammates have struggled mightily during the 2011 Copa America tournament.  Despite entering the tournament as the host country and a heavy favorite among bookmakers, the Albicelestes have managed only two draws in their first two games against Bolivia and Colombia.

Last night they were unable to record even a single goal against Colombia, and were lucky not to surrender a few against.  The Argentine media has feasted on their national team’s struggles, and Messi appears to be bearing the brunt of the criticism.  This erratic free kick attempt, which wouldn’t have hit a net four times the size of a regulation soccer goal, wont silence the critics anytime soon.

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