Check Out Rio Ferdinand’s Soccer Team Of Mistresses (Pic)

Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand is currently in court attempting to sue a Sunday newspaper after they printed a story about an affair the 32-year-old married dad of three had with an interior designer.  But rather than silence the paper with his £50,000 lawsuit over alleged “gross invasion” of privacy, Ferdinand has only made matters worse for himself, as the defendants have compiled a list of ten females that claim to have slept with the English international footballer while he was with current wife Rebecca Ellison.  The list of women, which was submitted by defense lawyer Gavin Millar, was used in an effort to portray Ferdinand as a cheater who brought these troubles upon himself.

Here is a look at Ferdinand’s starting XI, which also includes his wife, Rebecca, in goal.


Holly McGuire, 33, a topless model whom Ferdinand told he was single.

Coralie Robinson, 22, a stripper from Tokyo who claims that Ferdinand panicked when his wife arrived for an unexpected visit.


Cathrine Shepherd, 27, was filmed in an orgy with Rio and Savannah Benson (a defender on this team of mistresses).

Lauren Alcorn, 31, Virgin Air hostess that claims to have been paid £7,500 by Rio to have an abortion during a five-year fling that began in January 2003.

Lilach Yafe, 29, an Israeli model who hooked up with Rio in Tel Aviv.

Tslil Sela, 22, an Israeli model who slept with Rio at his stag in June 2009.


Savannah Benson, 26, who was videotaped in an orgy with Rio and Cathrine Shepherd.

Sarah Whatmore, 30, a Pop Idol contestant who met Rio at a Manchester bar in December 2002.

Tatiane Rosalino, 26, a Brazilian model who accompanied Rio on a magazine shoot.

Carley Storey, 32, an interior designer who broke the story to the Sunday Mirror newspaper.


Rebecca Ellison, 31, his wife and mother of the couple’s three children.

I guess Ferdinand was just trying to fit in with his other Manchester United teammates.

Hat Tip – [The Sun]

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