“Jeter Filter” Will Help Eliminate Derek Jeter From Your Internet

For all of you who are fed up with hearing about Derek Jeter’s pursuit of his 3000th career hit, we have a solution to your problems.  It is called “Jeter Filter,” a Google Chrome extension that will help filter out Derek Jeter from any webpage you visit.

According to their site, “Jeter Filter quickly and carefully scours the internet for signs of Derek Jeter and removes him while you browse, making Jeter disappear…right before your very eyes.”

So how does it work you ask?

Jeter Filter anonymously reports each webpage found to contain Derek Jeter to the awesome open metadata service FluidInfo. This means the more you use the Jeter Filter, the easier you make it for other developers worldwide to filter Jeter from their apps.

In short, the more Jeter you filter, the easier it is to filter more Jeter!

Users are given a visual warning anytime Jeter Filter finds the Yankee shortstop’s name on a website, serving as a cue that they should navigate away from the webpage immediately.  Jeter Filter also offers three levels of filtering: Mild, aggressive and vindictive.

As they describe it, mild is for those who merely hate Jeter, aggressive is for those who really hate him, and vindictive is for anyone who really really hates him.

As you might expect, the creator of Jeter Filter, Rob Spectre, is a Red Sox fan.  He claims that the Red Sox winning percentage was .439 when he first began creating the extension, and it was .611 when he released version 1.0.  Between that time plenty of bottles of Sam Adams and shots of Temptation Rye were consumed.

In addition to eliminating Derek Jeter from your internet, Jeter Filter was also created with the intention of “Making the world a better place.”

Strangely enough, this post, which is intended to promote Jeter Filter, will likely be blocked within seconds of publication by Jeter Filter users.  Go figure.

Hat Tip – [Jeter Filter]

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