Man With No Arms Throws Out First Pitch At Red Sox Game (Video)

Those with arms and hands who were in attendance at Fenway Park last night were busy grabbing boobs.  As for those without arms or hands, they were busy throwing out the opening pitch prior to the Red Sox game against the Baltimore Orioles.

Tom Willis, who was born without arms or hands, has made it his mission to throw out an opening pitch at every MLB ballpark.  Last night he was checking Fenway Park off that list, and may I say, he did so in a rather remarkable fashion.  After picking the ball up with his feet, Willis slung it towards home plate, watching it bounce only once before reaching the catcher.

It was an impressive showing for Tom, especially when you take into consideration some of the previous opening pitch debacles we have witnessed from the likes of John Wall and Baba Booey.

Here is a look at Willis’ story, as well as his opening pitch prior to last night’s game at Fenway Park.

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