Picture Of The Day: Is That A Brain In George Hincapie’s Leg?

It appears as though 15 years of riding in the Tour de France has caused the leg of American rider George Hincapie to develop a mind/brain of its own.

All kidding aside, the reason Hincapie’s veins are popping out of his legs as if they are trying to escape the pain of enduring another long, tiring ride across France is the result of a case of varicose veins, which causes veins to become swollen, twisted and enlarged when filled with an abnormal collection of blood.  While the valves in normal veins keep blood moving towards the heart, the valves in varicose veins struggle to function properly, causing blood to accumulate in the veins, resulting in their enlargement.

While varicose veins may sometimes be painful and cause fatigue, oftentimes the effects are strictly cosmetic.  Seeing as how he is still going strong at the age of 38, I’m going to assume the latter to be true in the case of Hincapie’s varicose veins.

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