A Fan Nearly Fell Over The Railing At Chase Field During The Home Run Derby (Video)

Last week tragedy stuck Major League Baseball when Texas Rangers fan Shannon Stone passed away as a result of the injuries he sustained after falling over a railing while attempting to catch a souvenir at the ball game.  One would think that this sad incident would be enough to teach baseball fans everywhere that it is never worth it to risk your life for a measly baseball.

Not exactly.

Those who were watching Price Fielder’s second round of the State Farm Home Run Derby last night may have noticed one man nearly falling over the outfield railing at Chase Field.  The man was said to be standing on a table attempting to catch a ball during the event when he nearly fell over the railing and onto the ground several feet below.  Fortunately for him, his brother and some friends were ready to make a life saving catch, grabbing him by his arms and legs in an effort to prevent him from taking the disastrous plunge.

Most will tell you that the man jumping into the pool was the best catch from last night’s Derby.  I, on the other hand, would argue that that title belongs to the four men who saved a life last night at Chase Field.

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