The Third Best Catch From Yesterday’s Home Run Derby Was Pretty Awesome As Well (Video)

There is no debating the fact that the two greatest catches from last night’s Home Run Derby at Chase Field came via a man jumping into a pool with his beer, and three guys who saved the life of their friend who was inches away from falling to his death.  After all, a catch that saves a beer or a life is hard to top.

However, the third greatest catch from last night’s Derby was not too shabby either.  It was made by one of the many youngsters working the outfield, as he laid out to make an incredible diving grab on Robinson Cano’s final out of the first round.

The catch was great kid, but the ensuing celebration was a little excessive.  Next time try acting like you’ve done it a million times before.  Not like you just made the luckiest catch of your life.

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