Jose Bautista Makes A Great Diving Catch (Video)

When Jose Bautista was selected as a starter for the 2011 MLB All-Star Game, many thought he would be providing a highlight or two with his bat.  After all, he does lead the league with an astounding 31 home runs, one year after belting a league-high 54.  However, Joey Bats showed baseball fans everywhere why he is not only the best hitter in baseball at the moment, but why he is the best player.

Although Bautista receives much, or all, of his accolades for his work at the plate, his play in the field is certainly not lacking.  Not only has he showed versatility throughout the season, playing at right field and third base for the Toronto Blue Jays, but he has also made some great plays at both positions.

And he made another one last night!

Providing the fans in Arizona with a glimpse of why he is the most complete player in the game right now, Bautista charged hard towards the right field corner and made an incredible sliding grab on a Brian McCann fly ball only inches from the wall.

Bautista may have risked injuring himself, but in true Pete Rose-fashion, this guy puts it all on the line when he is in the game, no matter what is at stake.

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