Kim Couture Gets Choked Out, Ref Stops Fight 10 Seconds Later (Video)

Female mixed martial artist Kim Couture shouldn’t have been allowed to take part in her bout with Sheila Bird in Calgary on Friday due to an indefinite medical suspension.  However, a mix-up by the Calgary Combative Sports Commission and their failure to review the MMA database allowed Couture to take part in the fight, and the results were not pretty.  Some of that had to do with the fact that Couture was simply over-match, but it certainly didn’t help that there was an equally unqualified referee officiating the bout.

After taking several hard punches and elbows while on the ground in the first round, Couture found herself trapped in a rare scissor lock.  A few seconds later, she was unconscious, as her right leg could be seen flopping to the ground.  A few second later, her left leg followed suit, collapsing to the ground.  Still no stoppage.  Not until he lifted her arm a few seconds later did the referee in charge realize that Couture was unconscious.  At that point the fight was finally stopped and Bird was awarded the victory.

The official results read Bird by technical submission at 1:48 of the first round, but a look at the video below will show that the real time should be somewhere around 1:38.

(If you want to go right to the submission, it’s at the 1:58 mark of the video)

Hat Tip – [Yahoo! Sports]

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