The 2011 Pittsburgh Pirates For Dummies

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been irrelevant since they last won the division title in 1992.  If you asked even the biggest baseball fan to name you all 30 Major League Baseball teams, they would probably only give you 29 and forget that the Pirates even existed.  If you asked someone to name you a player on the Pittsburgh Pirates current roster, Barry Bonds would probably be the best that they could do.

Well, with the Pirates posting a 47-43 record at the break and sitting only one game out of first place in the NL Central, it is time for everyone to once again become familiar with the Bucs of baseball, and the website “What I Woke Up To” has just the thing.

It is called “Pirates for Dummies,” and it should provide everyone who has ignored the franchise for the past decade with everything they need to know about the Pirates heading into the second half of the season.

As for the title, it’s catchy, but I’d argue that the real “Dummies” are the ones who have actually been keeping up with the Pirates over the years.

Hat Tip – [What I Woke up To]

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