Backwards Penalty Shot Got UAE’s Awana Diab In Trouble (Video)

With his team holding a commanding 5-2 lead over Lebanon during Sunday’s friendly match, UAE’s Awana Diab was looking to make things a little more challenging as he stepped up to take a penalty kick in the 79th minute.  What he came up with was a backheel-backwards penalty shot, which resulted in a goal, but also got him substituted out of the game by his manager, Srecko Katanec, for showboating.  The incident may also earn Diab a suspension from his country’s national side for disrespecting the game.

After watching players from the Brazilians Men’s Team and US Women’s Team miss several penalty kicks yesterday, it seems strange that a team would actually punish a player for successfully converting a penalty shot, no matter how it was taken.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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