According To This Jeopardy Contestant, Cam Newton Played For Ohio State (Video)

If you knew only one thing about the 2010 NCAA Football season, chances are that one thing would be that Cam Newton was a really good quarterback who played for the Auburn Tigers and won the Heisman Trophy.  With that being said, I guess it is fair to assume that Christopher, the Jeopardy contestant in the video below, knew absolutely nothing about what transpired during last year’s NCAA Football season.

After finding the “Daily Double” in the category “Colleges & Universities,” Christopher was feeling confident enough about his knowledge of America’s academic institutions that he decided to risk $1000.  Then he was confronted with the following question:

“In 2010 Cam Newton became this university’s third Heisman Trophy winner.”

Christopher’s answer would result in a loss of $1000 and a public shaming, as he will now be able to watch this embarrassing display on several sports blogs over the next couple of days.

Hat Tip – [The War Eagle Reader]

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