Peru’s Juan Manuel Vargas Delivers An Elbow To The Face (Video)

With Peru’s surprising run at the 2011 Copa America looking like it was about to come to an end, as they trailed Uruguay 2-0 during their semi-final match last night, Juan Manuel Vargas was not about to go out quietly.  Instead, he made some noise, in the form of an elbow to the face of Uruguay defender Sebastian Coates in the 68th minute.

If Luis Suarez’s two goals in five minutes hadn’t already sealed Peru’s fate, the red card issued to Vargas for the vicious elbow certainly did.

For those who are fans of the beautiful game, they will be happy to see the skillful side of Uruguay move on the the Copa America finals.  As for those of us who are fans of the beautiful breasts of Irina Grandez and Daysi Araujo, we couldn’t be sadder to see Peru’s run come to an end.

Here is a look at the elbow.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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