Watch This Kid Suck Out Because He Didn’t Catch A Foul Ball (Video)

Last night a young Giants fan was in attendance at AT&T Park to watch his team take on the Los Angeles Dodgers.  On top of his wish list, we assume, was a Giants victory.  And just below that was catching a baseball.  Unfortunately for him, with the Giants trailing 3-2 in the bottom of the fourth inning, he had to watch a foul ball of the bat of Brandon Belt land in the lap of the lovely lady sitting directly in front of him.

That was enough to get him pouting throughout the entire half-inning, which seemed to capture the interest of the commentators and cameramen more so than the Giants’ two fly-outs, one line drive double and one ground out during the inning.

In the end, everyone went home happy as the kid was given a ball of his own between innings and the Giants came back to record the 5-3 victory.

Lesson of the day:  If you don’t get what you want, cry about it.  If you need some more tips on how to successfully do that, watch the video below and take notes.

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