Alberto Contador Punched A Fan In The Face Today At The Tour de France (Video)

Alberto Contador has enjoyed a very successful cycling career, wining three Tour de France titles and two Giro d’Italia titles.  However, some have questioned the validity of those wins due to doping allegations, which have haunted the Spanish rider on three separate occasions during his career.

Although it has never been proven that Contador took any performance enhancing drugs (all charges made against him during his career had been subsequently dropped), one fan was not about to let him forget about his tainted past.  As Contador pushed hard through the mountains in the 19th stage of the Tour de France earlier today, a fan in a doctors outfit carrying a bag of fake blood (we presume) got a little too close for comfort, provoking a punch to the face from the Saxo Bank-SunGard rider.

That punch may have taken a little too much out of Contador, as he proceeded to lose his lead and finished in third, 23 seconds behind stage winner Pierre Rolland.

Fighting with fans probably isn’t the image that the organizers of the Tour de France were looking for, but on the bright side, I guess punching obnoxious fans is better than attacking fellow riders with your tire.

Here is a look at the punch.

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