Blonde Chick Crashes Bike, Faceplants Into Shallow Lake (Video)

Oftentimes we see videos of males trying to impress females as they attempt to do something incredibly daring, only to fail miserably and injure themselves during their embarrassing display.  But every now and then there is a brave female around that wants to prove to the guys that she can do something extreme.  And much like we see with the males, these acts often end in a painful and embarrassing manner as well.

Take this blonde female for example.  Some of the boys had probably already went off that dirt ramp with their bike when she blurted out “I can do that too!”  And when a hot blonde chick says she can do something and wants to give it a shot, you don’t stand in her way.  These guys didn’t and what they witnessed was epic, as she lost control of her bike at the last second, somersaulted off the ramp and face-planted into a foot of water.

I think I could watch this clip for several hours straight and not get sick of it.

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