Cedric Benson Beat The Crap Out Of His Roommate’s Face (Pic)

Cedric Benson was arrested last weekend in Texas for allegedly beating his roommate, Clavens Charles, after the two of them engaged in a heated exchange regarding their living arrangements.  According to police reports, Benson repeatedly struck Charles with several punches in the face during the altercation.  Benson’s attorney has since claimed that he was provoked during the attack in an effort by Clavens to extort the NFL running back, while Charles’ attorney claims that his client hasn’t asked for any money and has already incurred thousands of dollars in medical bills, with more procedures to come.

We may never know who or what started it, but judging by the above image of Charles’ face it is easy to see that Benson sure as hell ended it.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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