You Think The Jays’ Mike McCoy Was Happy To Be Starting At Second Base Yesterday? (Video)

Mike McCoy hasn’t found much playing time with the Toronto Blue Jays this season, making his way into only 41 games heading into yesterday’s action.  Although, many of those appearances came late in the later innings as a pinch runner or defensive substitution, as he only had 73 at bats as of Wednesday.

Yesterday he received word that he would be starting at second base in place of Aaron Hill and he made the most of the opportunity, going 2-for-4 at the plate with two runs and one RBI.  And he also took a moment to channel his inner Triple H for the Sportsnet cameras prior to the game.

If he continues to put up numbers like he did yesterday, he could find himself on the field more often.  but he may want to lose the pre-game ritual.

Here it is.

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