Check Out Mario Balotelli’s Epic Backheel Fail (Video)

No footballer in the world is capable of embarrassing himself, his team and the game of soccer quite like Mario Balotelli.  American soccer fans may not be aware of this fact, but many of them got to see it first hand when Manchester City traveled to Los Angeles to take on the L.A. Galaxy yesterday afternoon.  It was then that the 20-year-old Italian footballer found himself one-on-one with the Galaxy goalkeeper, but rather than depositing the easy goal into the back of the net, he attempted to convert a tricky backheel and failed miserably.

A simple shot or a pass to Edin Dzeko would have given his club a 2-0 lead, but instead, Balotelli wanted to show off some of his fancy footwork.  The end result was an off-target shot, a disgruntled Dzeko, thousands of booing fans, and his eventual substitution shortly after.

As far as disrespect goes, I’m not so sure an MLS team has ever done anything to earn the respect of Europe’s top soccer clubs in the first place.  But with that being said, when it comes to drawing the ire of your coach during a meaningless exhibition game, no one does it quite as well as Balotelli.  You can watch his embarrassing display below.

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