Pastor Joe Nelms Makes Pre-Race NASCAR Prayers Seem Cool (Video)

You couldn’t drag most men out of bed and get them to church on a Sunday morning, but something tells me that wouldn’t be the case if there were more pastors like Joe Nelms.  He was asked to spread the word of God at the NASCAR Nationwide series race in Nashville, Tennessee this weekend, and rather than giving thanks to the usual things, like food, family and health, Nelms had other things to be thankfully for.

Among those things were the following:

– The Dodges, Toyotas and Fords

– The Roush and Yates partnership

– GM Performance Technology

– Sunoco racing fuel

– Goodyear racing tires

– His smoking hot wife

Here it is.  The greatest pre-race prayer ever.  A boogity boogity boogity Amen to that!

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