Here Is A Look At Chase Utley’s Inside-The-Park Home Run From Last Night (Video)

Chase Utley has seven home runs in 195 at bats this season, but he has only hit the ball over the outfield fence six times.  How does that happen, you ask?  Easy.  His seventh home run of the season didn’t need to clear the outfield fence at Citizens Bank Park during last night’s game against the San Francisco Giants, because rather than use his power to hit one out of the park, he used his speed to motor around the bases and record an inside-the-park home run.

Inside-the-park home runs are nothing new for Utley.  Last night’s was the third of his career, as he now averages one for every 60 out-of-the-park home runs he has hit during his time in the Majors.

Here is another look at the speedy Utley rounding the bases last night.

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