Kadeem “PG-13” Powell Is The Sickest Streetballer Ever (Video)

I don’t care if you are just some average Joe Schmo, or Kobe Bryant himself, the only way you are stealing the ball from the quick hands of Kadeem “PG-13” Powell is by breaking the streetballer’s legs.

I love how he takes on defender after defender, only to make each of them look as stupid as the last guy.  And the best part of all is that “PG-13” is no one-trick pony.  In addition to his assortment of incredible moves, he can drive to the basket for the easy layup or show off his range with a jump shot over the defender’s head.

I was disappointed when the Toronto Raptors didn’t use their fifth overall pick in this year’s draft on a point guard like Kemba Walker or Brandon Knight, but maybe they had their sights set on Kadeem “PG-13” Powell the entire time.

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