Park Ranger Gives Barcelona The Boot From National Mall (Video)

This just goes to show you how little America cares about soccer.

Labelled as one of the greatest soccer teams ever assembled, F.C. Barcelona expect to receive royal treatment at almost every country they visit, but not in the United States of America.  Instead, on American soil they are treated no differently than a group of unruly eighth-graders.

That was evident during their recent trip to Washington, where they were hoping to get in a quick practice at National Mall near the White House, only to be tracked down by a disgruntled park ranger who was looking for “the leader of their group.”

We’re not sure if it was Carles Puyol, Lionel Messi, Xavi or Pep Guardiola who assumed that leadership role in this instance, but whoever it was, the language barrier must have been a factor as it was not long before the Barcelona players and staff were packing up their things and leaving the scene on their team bus.

Hat Tip – [The Washington Post]

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