Some Fans Went A Little Wacko During The Braves vs. Pirates 19-Inning Marathon (Video)

A 19 inning baseball game has the power to put most of the fans in the stands to sleep, if they haven’t already left for their comfortable beds at home.  However, those who stay awake throughout the duration of the game can often take on a somewhat delirious state of being.

That was the case for a couple of fans in attendance at Turner Field on Tuesday night.  When the clock struck 12, the crazies came out, beginning with one young female fan who appeared to be hopped up on sugar as she continuously screamed at the top of her lungs in an attempt to motivate her Pirates.  And then there was the two young men, who found the time during those 15 straight scoreless innings to stack every empty beer cup they could find in the outfield bleachers.

One could only imagine how crazy things could have gotten had Jerry Meals not ended the game in the nineteenth inning on a terrible call at the plate.

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