Introducing The Lingerie Basketball League (Videos)

A few years back someone came up with the brilliant idea of having gorgeous women dress up in skimpy lingerie and play football.  The Lingerie Football League has been quite the success ever since.  Now it appears as though someone is taking a similar approach with the game of basketball, and with the 2011-12 NBA season in jeopardy, they couldn’t have picked a better time to do so.

Using the motto, “Where beauty meets the hardwood,” men have been eagerly anticipating the start of the Lingerie Basketball League, where they will be able to satisfy their craving for both basketball and curvy women.  Most league games are expected to take place at Venice Beach and the league currently consists of only four teams: The Beauties, The Glam, The Divas and The Starlets.

Tryouts were recently held and their uniforms were also revealed.  Here is a look at what you can expect to see when these gorgeous women take the court at Venice Beach.

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