The Women’s Moto X Enduro X Competition Was Awfully Embarrassing (Video)

Women have fought hard in an attempt to bring their sports to the same level as their male counterparts over the past quarter century, but they appeared to take a giant step backwards following the debut of the Moto X Enduro X competition at the X-Games on Sunday.

Described as a race that not only tests the speed and skill of a rider, but also their toughness and endurance, there was plenty of the latter two traits on display during the women’s final, but little of the first two.  That was evident after one look at the highlights (or should we call them “lowlights”), as these females struggled mightily to stay on their bikes, falling at just about every turn during this 10-lap race.

In the end, 24-year-old Maria Forsberg would do the least amount of falling on her way to the gold medal.  As for the rest of the competitors, as well as the X-Games organizers, they may want to erase this competition from their memories as soon as possible.

Here is a look at the lowlights from the women’s Enduro X finals.  Enjoy it while you can because I wouldn’t expect to see this competition on next year’s X-Games schedule.

Hat Tip – [Gorillamask]

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