An Ichiro Suzuki Impostor Got Ejected From Last Night’s Game In Seattle (Video)

With only one home run and a career-low .264 batting average, Ichiro Suzuki has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons thus far this season.  The negative publicity continued last night at Safeco Field during a game between the Mariners and the Oakland A’s, although, this time it was an Ichiro impostor who was giving the right fielder a bad name.

Seated along the right field wall, the Ichiro impostor decided to reach for a Dustin Ackley grounder in the bottom of the third inning, not realizing that the ball was actually in play.  Ackley appeared to be on his way to third base when fake-Ichiro reached over the wall and grabbed the rolling ball, forcing him to deal with the disgruntled fans and the stadium security, who eventually ushered him out of Safeco Field for interfering with the play.

Luckily, the umpires decided to award Ackley with the triple, but it was all for not, as the Mariners failed to bring him home.

As for the real Ichiro, it once again appeared as though there was an impostor filling in for him at the plate, as he went a disappointing 0-for-4 during the Mariners’ 4-2 victory.

Here is a look at fake Ichiro’s gaffe in the outfield.

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