It Was Raining Sunflower Seeds In The Brewers’ Dugout (Video)

Consistent performances on the mound from the Brewers starting rotation has made things easy for pitching coach Rick Kranitz.  The same cannot be said regarding their antics in the dugout.

During an in-game interview with Fox Sports Brewers, Kranitz was having some difficulties remaining focused, as he was showered with sunflower seeds by his staff’s ace, Yovani Gallardo.  But like any good pitcher should be able to do, and like Joba Chamberlain wasn’t able to do during Game 2 of the 2007 ALDS, Kranitz maintained his composure despite all the tiny objects flying around his head.

Gallardo, Shaun Marcum and Zack Greinke may all be great pitchers, but they can also learn a thing or two from Kranitz’s performance in front of the camera last night.

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