Look Out Behind You!!! (Video)

Soccer players can be some of the most conniving athletes in the world.  When they aren’t busy flopping around and faking injuries in an attempt to draw a foul, they can be seen sneaking behind goalkeepers in an effort to steal the ball and score an easy goal.

The latter doesn’t work all that often, as many keepers are smart enough to look behind their back for an opposing player before releasing their grip on the ball.  However, Cerezo Osaka’s Jin-Hyeon Kim is not one of those keepers, as he was caught sleeping by the Kashima Antlers’ sneaky forward, Yuzo Tashiro, during a recent match.

Thinking he was all alone, Kim dropped the ball on the ground in front of him after stopping a Kashima free kick, only to watch Tashiro unexpectedly strip him of the ball and score the easy empty-net goal.  That tied the game at 1-1, and gave Kashima all the momentum, as they tip-toed their way to the 3-1 victory.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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