Melbourne’s James Strauss Suffers A Nasty Leg Break (Video)

In a rough sport like Australian Rules Football, horrific injuries are nothing new, however, oftentimes those injuries occur when two players collide with one another during a bone-crushing tackle.  Not when one of those players goes up for a marking contest against a member of the opposition.  Unfortunately, on this occasion it was a marking contest that resulted in one of the most grueling injuries the sport has seen in some time.

During Saturday’s match between the Melbourne Demons and the Carlton Blues, Melbourne defender James Strauss came down hard on his left leg after going airborne for a marking contest against Jeff Garlett, resulting in a broken fibula and tibia.  Strauss will now require surgery to repair the extensive damage, and is expected to take at least one full year to recover.

Here is a look at the nasty incident.

Hat Tip – [Triple M Footy]

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