Arena Football League Fan Attacks Player (Video)

“Illegal use of the hands” or “Illegal use of the fans”?

The Jacksonville Sharks could have been flagged for either infraction during the first quarter of their playoff game against the Georgia Force last night, as one of their own fans decided to get in on the action following a kickoff after a Jacksonville touchdown.

The Sharks didn’t need much help on this night, recording a touchdown on each of their first nine possessions of the game, but they got some help anyways.  It came via a fan seated in the front row of the end zone, who decided to strangle and facemask the Force’s return man after the Sharks had taken a 6-0 lead.

While the Sharks players seemed to enjoy watching their fans get in on the action, head coach Les Moss couldn’t have been angrier, as his team was assessed a penalty on the play, which would eventually lead to a Force touchdown.

However, if that fan had the players’ backs, the players certainly seemed willing to return the favor, as they came right back with a touchdown of their own, and seven more after that, en route to the 64-55 victory.

Talk about home field advantage!  Here is a look at what happens to the opposition when they enter the shark tank.

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