Here’s Under Armour’s New “Footsteps” Commercial, Featuring GSP, Tom Brady, Cam Newton And Ray Lewis (Video)

Kenny Powers’ K-Swiss commercial made such a good impression on me that I had to go out and grab myself a pair of K-Swiss Tubes.  However, even Kenny’s impressive crew, which includes the likes of Jon “Bones” Jones, Patrick Willis and Matt Cassel, can’t quite compare to the star power featured in Under Armour’s latest “Footsteps” campaign, which features the likes of Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Ray Lewis, Georges St-Pierre and Monica Hargrove.

It is a tough decision, but I may now have to go out and buy myself a pair of Under Armour Mirco G Split running shoes, especially if they will allow me to perform a 360° jump push-up, like GSP.

Hat Tip – [Baltimore Sun]

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