We Have Identified The Man In The White Shirt Stealing Signs For The Jays! (Video)

Most of you may have heard the news that the Chicago White Sox bullpen has been accusing the Toronto Blue Jays of using a man in a white shirt seated in the outfield at the Rogers Center to help them steal signs from opposing catchers and relay them to the batter prior to each pitch.  They claimed that they noticed it during a game last season after realizing that the man was raising his arms for off-speed pitches, and doing nothing during fastballs.

At first I thought it was a bunch of nonsense, but then I saw the following footage, which uncovers the identity of the white-shirted man.

Who would have guessed it would be former Queen vocalist Freddie Mercury?  Not me, seeing as how he passed away almost 20 years ago.  Although, his involvement does seem just about as (non)plausible as the initial claims made by the White Sox pitchers.

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