9 Videos of Hot Women Playing Wii Sports

When Nintendo released the Wii back in 2006, they (and everyone else) made a big deal about how this new console makes fat kids and old people get up off their lazy butts. Parents everywhere could now let video games entertain their kids without all the guilt, and every nursing home on the planet got a Wii and started a virtual bowling league. However, in all the good press the Nintendo Wii got, one very obvious benefit of this particular platform was egregiously overlooked. Of course, I am talking about how awesome it is when hot women wear sexy outfits and play Wii Sports or Wii Fit. So, in an effort to give this little white box the full credit it deserves, I present to you this list of 9 amazing videos of hot women playing Wii. Enjoy.

(Warning: watching these at work may endanger your employment)

9. Your Average Neighborhood Hotties Playing Wii Tennis

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I feel sorry for the girl in the red dress. She is very pretty, and on most occasions I’m sure she would garner quite a bit of attention from typical red-blooded males. But in this particular instance, she is completely overshadowed by the smoking hot girl in the white tank top. I mean seriously, she should be on TV or something. Wait, she’s not, is she? (I don’t really watch much TV.)

8. Wii Boxing with the Girl Next Door

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Here is how I imagine this video came to be:

“Hey Cindy, why don’t you come over some time wearing tight jeans and a revealing white camisole and we’ll play Wii Boxing?”
“Sure, Dan, sounds like fun. But how about instead of you playing with me, you just video tape me playing?”
“Even better.”

7. Wii Fit in Short Shorts

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Men, beware of women who wear shorts or pants with words on the butt. It’s a catch-22. They just want to see if they can catch you staring. On the one hand, if they do catch you, you get the dreaded stare of disdain. On the other hand, if they don’t catch you staring, they’ll feel bad because you don’t find them attractive. It’s really a lose-lose.

6. Blonde in Bikini Playing Wii Sports

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I would love to write the want ads for gigs like this. “Wanted: hot babe to wear bikini and play video games all day. Blonde preferred. Boobs a must. Provide your own bikini. Pay TBD.”

5. More Wii Hula Hooping

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At first I thought, why the hell do you need a hula hoop game on Wii Fit? I understand ski jumping and snow boarding and all the other exotic sports. You can’t just do those things any time you want. You need free time, money, a mountain, and a bunch of snow. But hula hooping? Hula hoops cost like $5, you need about 10 square feet, and you can do it whenever you want for free. It just seemed silly to have a virtual hula hooping game. But all this consternation was before I saw these Wii hula hooping videos. Now I understand perfectly why Nintendo made this game for Wii.

4. Wii Boxing Battle Royale

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The production values on this video are really top-notch. It’s got great videography, great editing, great music—”Eye of the Tiger” always gets you pumped for boxing, doesn’t it?—and, best of all, great wardrobe and great casting. If they had oscars for youtube videos of hot chicks doing stuff, this would be nominated for sure. I give it two thumbs up.

3. Emma Frain “Wii-xcercising”

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Who is Emma Frain? She a professional Hot Chick. You may have seen her in magazines like FHM, Playboy, and Zoo Weekly (a “lad’s” magazine in the UK). Here we see the voluptuous model playing Wii Fit—again with the hula hooping—in a sexy red bikini. Keep up the good work, Emma.

2. Playboy Playmate Jo Garcia, Wii Yogi

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Not to be outdone by the fine folks over at Zoo, Playboy has come out with their own hot-babe-doing-Wii-Fit youtube video. The hot babe in question is Jo Garcia. She was the magazine’s “Cyber Girl of the Year” in 2008 (a title that basically means lots of dude looked at her naked on Playboy’s pay website). As you can see, she’s a genuine yoga master. (If you just now realized that you like looking at hot women doing yoga, you should also check this out.)

1. Wii Hula Hooping, Part II — This Time In A Thong


Well, this video was obviously the pièce de résistance (which is French for totally kick-ass #1 video). Once again, it’s a hot chick doing Wii Fit hula hooping, only this time the chick is wearing a thong.

If there is one thing I’ve learned in compiling this list, it’s that I have not scratched the surface of all that is possible with the Nintendo Wii. Here I was just playing MarioKart and Tennis, when I should have been throwing parties and busting out the Wii Fit board so inebriated guests could have Wii hula hoop contests. I feel so foolish.

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