Cyclist Going 60 MPH Behind A Truck (Video)

Hey, everybody loves going fast on their bikes. But damn, there are limits, you know?

Well, most of us have limits. The cyclist in this video? Not so much.

What you’re looking at here is a very extreme case of drafting. Drafting is when one vehicle or moving object lines up directly behind another vehicle or moving object. Depending on the size on shape of the lead vehicle, the drag experienced by the trailing vehicle is significantly reduced.

If you’re a fan of NASCAR or pro cycling, you’re already well aware of this phenomenon, as drivers and cyclists use it everyday to go faster than they could ever go just riding on their own.

Anyway, here we have a cyclist drafting behind a giant truck and attaining a steady speed of 62 mph (100 km/h). The truck is so big that it creates a huge pocket that acts like a vacuum, almost sucking the cyclist along for the ride.

It must feel pretty amazing to go 60 mph on your bike. I mean, until the truck slams on its breaks you become a bloody pancake, of course.

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