Oregon Ducks Cliff Harris and Darron Thomas Caught Going 118 MPH and Smoking Weed (Video)

Oregon Ducks quarterback Darron Thomas should probably think long and hard the next he gets into a car with a teammate behind the wheel.

Thanks to some sleuthing by Portland’s KATU news team, it was revealed yesterday that Thomas was sitting in the passenger seat next to Oregon’s star cornerback, Cliff Harris, when he was pulled over for speeding back in June. This marks the third time since 2008 that the Ducks’ captain has been a passenger in the car of a teammate when it was pulled over by the authorities.

Harris was eventually charged with speeding in excess of 100 MPH (note in the video that the cop has to go 141 MPH just to catch up with them).

However, according to this news report, the real scandal in all this is the fact that the cops smelled marijuana in the car, and Cliff Harris confesses that they “just smoked it all.”

I don’t know about you, but I am shocked and appalled to learn that college kids are smoking pot. Shocked and appalled.

Hat Tip – [KATU.com]

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